I’m Kelsey Matheson

Business Builder & Conscious Living Coach

Welcome! I am happy you’re here so let’s give you a few reasons to stay connected with me.

I’m Kelsey Matheson and my life’s purpose is to live consciously and courageously while inspiring others to do the same. As I have learned over many years as an adventurous entrepreneur and wellness warrior, cultivating this lifestyle creates the best opportunities.

After success in the business world, traveling around the world, becoming a mother and learning what it really takes to be present, healthy and happy, I now coach others to effectively tap into their potential, then create specific goals that strategically manifest their best life.

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I will help you find clarity in your life and career, bridge the gap to where you are now and where you want to be, and create strategies that will motivate and empower you.

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Here’s How I Can Help You

As a woman living in 2017, I believe that we need to find new and healthier ways to manage motherhood, careers, relationships and responsibilities. Incorporating work/life balance and self-care have become buzz phrases, and while they’re important, if that’s truly what you want then a deeper dive is required.

Taking the plunge can be scary (I know!) and I can help in three ways.


If your focus is on doing better in business and building a stronger presence, then let’s chat about one-on-one coaching. From overcoming roadblocks and obstacles, to improving productivity and increasing income, we’ll work together to upgrade your skills and develop a winning game plan. For a complimentary 15-minute live chat to discuss your goals, please scroll down and enter your contact information below.


If your desire is to get on the path to optimal health then please click here for all the details on my new e-course starting in March. In it, I have incorporated the most misdiagnosed and ignored areas of women’s health for those aged 35 – 50. Using the knowledge of experts that I have personally worked with over the years, you will gain solutions to take charge of your health and rediscover what it means to feel vibrant. This is an 8-week intensive coaching program that will connect you with a supportive community of wellness warriors.


Join the community – it’s free! Benefit from live sessions with experts and, if you sign up for the newsletter on my Facebook page, you will get even more tips on living consciously and courageously.

Feel free to reach out with any questions at any time by emailing info@kelseymatheson.com.

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Tap into your potential and create the life you really want.

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